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Day 11 - A song from your favorite band

This should be easy, just one song from my favorite band. Trouble is, I don't have one favorite band. I haz many! Hmmmmmmm, and hmmmmmmm again. I think I'll step out of the predictability box here and go for something completely unexpected. Nothing from Live, NSYNC, Dave Matthews or A Perfect Circle (my current favorite bands). Three former favorite bands: Elton John, Police and Queen (Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!). Yes, let's go with Queen.

Brian May, guitarist extraordinaire, and totally my Future Rock Husband when I was younger. ;-) *And!* As if being a recognized virtuoso guitarist isn't enough, he's an astrophysicist. I love smart boys. ::purrrrrr:: And! "On 17 November 2007, May was appointed Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University, taking over from Cherie Blair, and installed in 2008."

Oh my God, I still love him.

I'm going to give you two Queen songs. The first is The Prophet's Song, which is, I believe, my favorite Queen tune of all time. My favorite part features my favorite member -- imagine that! -- Mr. May. If you're curious, skip ahead to 5:50 and listen through 6:48. His guitar work is kickin' throughout, but I just loooooove that section. Aiiiii, I'm in flames! Good Lord, he's fabulous.

The Prophet's Song - Queen

Everyone and their brother has heard Bohemian Raphosdy, of course, but

WAIT. Change of plans. I give you Somebody to Love instead, possibly my second favorite Queen song. (Note: The one below cuts off a few seconds early. Can't embed the one that goes in its entirety, so go here for that one.)

Somebody to Love - Queen

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