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DVR'd, now watching.

1) Jeremy is hot. Just sayin'.

2) Ooooh, totally creepy scene with Katherine standing behind Elena as she helps Unca John.

3) Hot bro is awake! Is he a vamp now? Stefan's there, this could be bad...he's not a vamp! Okay, is it bad that I like Stefan gettin' all handsy with Jeremy, and especially slapping his face to get his attention?

4) Matt/Bonnie at the hospital! This is actually the first pairing I thought they were hinting at in the pilot. Bonnie and Elena are talking! Why is Bonnie always the first one hugging someone? Initiating the hugs, that is. Has she ever been the huggee?

5) Ahahahahaha, Bonnie/Damon snark. HAHAHA!!! "You'll do it anyway. For Elena." BONNIE, I LOVE YOU. Anyone who doesn't love Bonnie after that little exchange is a stone cold hater. It's like the best Bonnie/Damon fic is becoming canon! The writers are obviously reading fanfic for ideas, and so far I like it.

6) And...Damon puts two and two together. Ian Somerhalder is 89 shades of sexy, folks. ::purrrr::

7) ROFL! Stefan knew right away it was Katherine. Vamp fight! I love it!

First commercial break, score so far on the Bonnie scale of awesomeness: 10 out of 10. Great beginning. :-D

8) Okay, so Elena told Jeremy about Katherine. Thank God. Loved it when Stefan charged at Damon. I am giddy.

9) Matt and Bonnie in the hospital, and there anyone this girl doesn't have chemistry with? Awwww, Bonnie's crying and Caroline's better. So sweet!

10) Enter the werewolves. Okay, Tyler Lockwood's a hottie too. Mmmmmm, Uncle Mason is a pretty hot.

11) "You're a little too weak to play tough guy." Oh Stefan, I love you so. I hope Stefan and Bonnie reconcile quickly, because they would be a badass team that could not be denied.

12) OHMYGODSTEFAN! I...I don't even have words. Physical restraint! Forcing Uncle John to drink his blood! Giving him a verbal smackdown on leaving town or else he'd kill him, turn him into the thing he hates most! I think my panties just exploded. Trufax. ::swoon::

13) Uncle Mason is preoccupied with finding the perfect wife? What? Hmmmm, a hot werewolf seeking a mate. Wonder who'll they'll throw in his path?

14) So now Katherine's been invited into the Lockwood mansion. Interesting.

Second commercial break, score so far on the Bonnie scale of awesomeness: 10 out of 10. I will never delete this from my DVR qeue, like ever. :-D

[For the record, the Skittles commercial with the Skittles tree growing out of that guy's body? Yeah, that's a surefire way to get me to NEVER buy Skittles again. Way creepy and utterly revolting, thanks. ::shudder::]

15) Bonnie and Damon need their own spin-off show, immediately. Seriously, I love them. They are soclose to working together as a team that it's making me wriggle like a puppy. Damon's all gorgeous and flirty and Bonnie's giving him a lobotomy with her brain. Aiiiii! It's so good I can't stand it!

16) Bonnie just ID'd Katherine at the Lockwood mansion. Hilarity most likely will not ensue. Oooh, there it is. "I'm Katherine."

Third commercial break, score so far on the Bonnie scale of awesomeness: 10 out of 10. Still loving it. :-D

17) Katherine and Bonnie mixing it up! Bonnie's powers don't work on Katherine (at least the brain-bending thing doesn't). Katherine's got her by the throat...Bonnie magics open the doors so everyone in the other room can see (they don't but Stefan does). Stefan to the rescue, continuing to be bad ass! "Leave her alone." And then he and Bonnie trade a look...and Stefan walks away, no words between them. Mmmmmmmmmm, Stefan.

18) I hate this show, they're making me like Katherine. ;-) Katherine's going to come on to Matt, I can feel it...

19) I have to say it again: Jeremy Gilbert is a total doll.

20) Oh, puhleeze. First stumble of the night (for me), Elena going up to Damon, "How are you doing?" Really? Shut up! "We should be able to talk about this, we're close enough now..." Shut up, shut up, shut up! Argh.

21) Tyler and Jeremy talking, looking like they just might become buds...and here comes Uncle Matt to bust it up. Hmmmmmm. Separating Tyler from any potential friends, keeping him isolated...? Poor Tyler. One dick gone and another steps up to take his place?

22) Man, they cranked Stefan up to 11 this season. "Because if you don't, I will hunt you down and I will rip your heart out." Anyone who thought Stefan was boring last year is probably mightily surprised tonight.

23) What a freak! She staked him in the belly!

Fourth commercial break, score so far on the Bonnie scale of awesomeness: 10 out of 10. I know they're going to make me mad before this thing ends. Still loving it, about twenty minutes to go...

24) Aw, Elena's patchin' up her man. Damon kills me: "I'd fight me." LOL! Damon, I love you. Stefan, all wise and shit. Obi Wan Stefan, how can you not love him.

25) Okay, one more time: Jeremy Gilbert is hot. Hooray! Uncle John is leaving! \0/

26) Tyler rage!

27) Katherine's in the boarding house. Hmmm, no invitation needed 'cause vampires live there? Holy Lawd, vampire fight sex. Oooh, and Damon's yummy naked chest. "The truth is, I've never loved you. It was always Stefan." Oh my goodness. Dude, seriously. Poor Damon.

Fifth commercial break, score so far on the Bonnie scale of awesomeness: 10 out of 10. I'll still be watching this when I'm old and grey and living in an old folks' home.

[Aiiii! That creepy Skittles commercial again!!! Skittles, I will never eat your evil rainbow-colored bits of freakish evil again, EVAR.]

28) Okay, pissing me off again. Damon's just sitting there in Elena's room and surprises her, tries to kiss her and... Aiiii! Knife blade to the heart (figuratively): "I care about you, I do, but I love Stefan, it's always going to be Stefan." OUCH.

29) RUH ROH. Are you kidding me!? Damon just killed Jeremy in front of Elena. HOORAY! He's wearing Uncle John's ring so he'll be okay!!! Ring or no ring, would he still vamp out if Anna's blood is in his system??? Can't wait to see...

Hand to God, if Elena still "cares" about Damon after that little stunt, she is officially the most idiotic and unrealistically written character on television. I'm pretty sure if someone killed bro!monkey in front of me, they'd be off my Christmas card list forever.

30) Back at the Lockwood mansion... Heart to heart with Ty and Uncle Mason. "The curse of being a Lockwood." Here we go...wait, does Tyler know?

31) Jeremy's still out. Now Elena's saying there's nothing good in Damon anymore. "I hate him, Stefan." Yeah, until he bats those baby blues and says I'm sorry. Suuuuuuuure, Elena. Jeremy's awake! "He killed me. Damon killed me." He's not a vamp!

32) Katherine's in Caroline's room. Holy crap! Katherine (maybe) killed Caroline! Caroline's going to be a vampire!!! Holy Lawd, I did not see that coming.

I'm going to keep this episode forever and always.


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