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Okay show, don't piss me off tonight. Whee! Season two premiere! If you're shoving this quadrangle down my throat, show, it'd better be damn good. And please, don't make Bonnie be the Angry Black Woman all season because that would well and truly suck, and it might make me have to cut a bitch. (see what I did there?)


Trying to decide whether to spam with comments as I watch, or take notes during the show and then make one post after. Because clearly, the fate of the world depends on my decision. ::eyeroll at self::

I've mentioned before how my friends and I have the most bizarre lunch conversations. Today we had more fun than a little bit casting our co-workers in a WWII movie. We IM'd through the afternoon when either of us had an idea or thought of a crazy stereotypical 40s war movie quote. Funny stuff. :-)
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