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...but not that Chasez! I GoogleNews the boy every now and then to see if anything new pops up, like, breaking news that he's working on an album or something. No such luck on that front, but I did see this a couple of weeks ago: Frozen yogurt makes a cool comeback. The blurb in question is on the second page.

"I can choose the quantity, choose the mixture," said Heather Chasez of Winter Park, who visits Yogurtland and other shops about once a week. "A lot of times I go, I don't get a large amount. I can get just what I'm hungry for."

It was so random it made me smile. :-) Plus, it's frozen yogurt, which is smile-inducing all on its own. There was a place here in town that specialized in frozen custard, not ice cream, and the stuff was waaaaaay too yummy. My personal favorite was Cake Batter. They've since closed, and it makes me cry to think of it. Mmmmmmm, it was the creamiest stuff you've ever tasted.

R.I.P. frozen custard place! We hardly knew ye. ::sniff::

Date: 2010-09-09 01:48 pm (UTC)
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Wait, isn't his sister's name is Heather? And he has a house in Winter Park, Florida?

err... or maybe it's just my imagination. LOL.


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