Apr. 8th, 2010

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My friends and I truly have the strangest conversations! But this is why I love them, because we have the most bizarrely wired brains EVAR.

So, the following is an IM conversation that occurred today while we tried to decide (HAHAHAHA, my friend wanted to go out the entire time, she's not fooling me) whether we wanted to go down to the cafeteria or not. Edited slightly to omit the second and third threads that wound their way into the conversation. Restaurant and waitress names have been changed. ;-) Wherein food-related nuttiness ensues. )
foxmonkey: Robot Snowman with Flowers (Default)
Michael Shanks is on Supernatural.


Never, ever awaken me from this lovely dream.

off to watch the episode...


foxmonkey: Robot Snowman with Flowers (Default)


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