Apr. 6th, 2010

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Not feeling that fabulous, hence the non-postage. Blrgh. ;-p My sinuses flare up ALL the time, but attacks are really bad when the seasons change, like winter to spring and summer to fall. Aiii! That means that my head is getting itself geared up. They don't really hurt yet, there's just that slight feeling of pressure that lets me know an attack is on the way. Hooray! Or not.

Easter dinner at the in-laws was fun as I secretly knew it would be. Delicious food was had by all, and my niece has a new boyfriend which is serious HOORAY! material because the old boyfriend was a bit of a jerk. He kind of had jerk-ish tendencies. This guy reminds me a bit of Tim McGee from NCIS, but way less geeky and a little cuter. He's a good guy, so I heartily approve.

I DVR'd five or six Biblical-type movies and I'm now enjoying the fruits of that labor. Hooray for Biblical movies and Biblical epics! I watched Godspell and The Ten Commandments yesterday and this evening I watched Barrabas when I got home. Tomorow it'll be The Silver Chalice and last but certainly not least, King of Kings, which is known in the foxmonkey abode as the one with the good-looking Jesus. Jeffrey Hunter, OH MY. And even though my sparkly handbasket to hell is pretty much assured, I won't say another word about good-lookin' Jesus. :le sigh::

And! Fixing the fallout from the dead battery last week, we discovered that resetting the radio was ridiculously easy (yippee!), resetting the clock was also pretty easy (yippee!) and...there *is* supposed to be a warning tone for the headlights. Unfortunately, other than telling me that it exists, the manual didn't have any suggestions on either why it isn't currently working or what one might do to try and fix it. But this is good news! It means that all we have to do is figure out what's wrong and fix it (a fuse perhaps?) and then I'll never leave my lights on again. As God is my witness! ::shakes fist:: Just call me Scarlett.

And that, my friends, is the core dump of my brain. And now I'm off to find Vampire Diaries Bonnie/Damon to read.


foxmonkey: Robot Snowman with Flowers (Default)


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