Apr. 4th, 2010

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It's Egg Day! It's Bitter Herbs Day! Happiness to everyone of all ethnic diversities and cultural leanings and religious persuasions!

One of these days I'll go to church on Easter again. Man, I was probably...11? that last time Mom, bro!monkey and I did the Easter services together. One year stands out for me -- Dad was there in his best suit looking incredibly handsome and I was all poppy and fizzy and exicted, saying, "That's my dad!" to all my friends. :-)

Because I'm on crack and apparently it started early, most of my friends knew who my dad was. Though thinking back, seeing Dad in that setting probably broke everyone's brain so perhaps, like Superman in his Clark Kent glasses, they truly didn't recognize him because he was in a suit and he was AT CHURCH.

This was notable because Dad didn't go to church ever. Like...EVAR. Did I say EVAR? Now, it just might be faulty remembering on my part; I know he didn't do regular services, but I can't remember him hitting the high holy days either -- no Palm Sunday, Easter or Christmas services. But one year, for some reason, Dad showed up at church, in a suit, looking very handsome and making me incredibly proud to show him off for my friends. Easter!

I also remember, back in the days before VCRs, DVDs, DVR and cable, watching biblical epics on TV. For some reason I love these movies more than Christmas flicks. I LOVE THEM. So yeah, big time of the year for me, holiday televiewing-wise! I'm DVRing TCM's entire lineup today (most of them anyway). Ten Commandments was on last night, also DVRd. Woohoo!

So, apparently back in the day, JC said that he would kiss Justin, a la Britney, Christina and Madonna at the MTV awards.


Seen by me for the first time in [livejournal.com profile] juc, posted by [livejournal.com profile] amber_008. Wuh? How did I not know this, and if I did, how did I forget this? My brain is making me sad. :-( Anyway, article gakked with extreme prejudice from [livejournal.com profile] pjordha 'cause her brain isn't dusty and full of holes like mine. LJ-cutting like a rabid dog because I'm thoughtful like that.

Old interview where JC sez he'd put the smackdown (lipswise) on Justin. )

Also, because I'm an idiot of the highest magnitude, I just discovered that I never tagged the hundred and eleventy million Schizophrenic reviews I saved and posted. ::boggles:: What the hell, me? Honestly.

Edited to add: Holy frig, I really did save a lot of Schizophrenic-related stuff! I've gone through and tagged some of it but now my brain hurts so the rest will have to wait. ::cries::
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...and because it's customary, this is the post wherein I whine because I don't want to go out. :-( Easter dinner at my sister-in-law's house and YES, I know that once I'm actually out of the house and over there I will have TONS OF FUN (most probably), but I just. Don't. Want. To. Go. Is this a medical condition, perhaps? Like a for real and true one with a scientific name and people in lab coats with serious faces writing research papers on it and things? Hmmmmm.

It's not fear of open spaces or traveling or fear of social situations or strangers...nothing like that. And I leave my house every day to go to work so, it's not just leaving the house that causes me pain -- I do shop and stuff, and enjoy it mightily! So what's the problem?

I love my relatives. I do! But on the weekends (even holiday ones!) I want to veg out and watch TV or read or surf on the laptop alllllllll day long unencumbered by obligations. But that doesn't sound right either, does it, that your family is an obligation? Perhaps I should stop now.

But! I think it would be less painful if these things happened on Saturday instead of Sunday, yes? If I hosted these get-togethers, they'd be on Saturdays! Okay, shutting up with the shutting up now.

Also, like JC, Jensen Ackles is purty and can sing. The actual singing starts about halfway through...but you can enjoy the pretty until then. :-)


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