Mar. 28th, 2010

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Went to my friend's house last night and four of us enjoyed Girl's Night! Girl's Night was a little delayed in the beginning, but once it got underway, we had a fun time. Watched New Moon on DVD, then watched Youtube clips and laughed ourselves silly. Got home waaaaay late (1:30 a.m.!) and got to bed around 2:00 a.m.

Felt like I had a hangover when I got up. Didn't drink anything so this made no sense until about two seconds ago...she has a theater-type set up (kinda) in the basement where we watched the film. I think the surround sound (LOUD surround sound) gave me a noise hangover. ;-p This happened to me after the Celebrity show too, and it truly feels like a hangover, just without the nausea. Aiiiiii! IT CAN STOP ANY TIME NOW, 'K? K.

Hmmmmmm, I wonder if there's an official name for this? Gotta Google!
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Had another girlie outing planned today, a FOOD party, no less, with tastings and demonstrations and CAKE, and I missed it. I am officially a doofus. Well, I'm kind of of a doofus. It's mostly Honda's fault. ;-p

When I got in the car to head off to my girlie outing, absolutely nothing happened when I turned the key. Aiiiiii! Dead car! Turned the key again knowing full well nothing was going to happen. Thought for a second, then tested the knob thingie for the headlights. Yep, locked in the "ON" position. I didn't turn them off when I got out of the car last night. In my own defense, the garage light comes on automatically when the door opens. I was in a lit garage, so again, not my fault! Kinda.

This is the part in the story where I gnash my teeth and growl, because I *knew* this was going to happen sooner or later.

One thing I don't like about the new car...and you can probably see where this is the fact that there's no warning tone or indicator light to alert you if the lights are still on when you cut the engine. Again, aiiiiiii! It's been quite a few years since I last had to remember to turn lights off. If the car door opened and the lights were still on, my Civic hatchback very helpfully went ding-ding-ding! until the problem was corrected. The Corolla went one better, 'cause it had daytime running lights and that meant, hey! I didn't even need to turn the lights on in the first place! Already on! The lights went off when the car did, naturally, so again, no need to worry there. Well.

Not only do I need to remember to turn the lights off now (hahahahahaha!), I need to remember to turn them on too! It's amazing what fundamentals of driving fall by the wayside when you don't need to think about them anymore. So yes, I knew it was a matter of time. What I don't get is that the Civic was an '87 and the new car is a 2004, so it doesn't make sense that there's no warning mechanism in place. There's a very helpful outline of a key that lights up if you leave the keys in the ignition, but nothing for the lights. I'm wondering now if there *is* such a mechanism, but it just isn't working...? Hmmmm. Need to get the manual out of the glove compartment and check that out. If it turns out to be true...

I'm thinking that a strip of fake mirror (acrylic mirror sheet, according to this website!) should do the trick, even if the garage lights are on. Hubs!monkey looked like he would take the suggestion under advisement, since he'd be the one out there with the drill and screws or whatever fastenings you'd use to attach the thing to the garage door.


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