Mar. 21st, 2010

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Gakked from [ profile] joeysdramaqueen, who saw it at The Board o' Doom, aka the JJB -- No Strings Attached was released ten years ago today. !!! NSYNC holds the one and two spots for most albums sold in a week:

1 NO STRINGS ATTACHED 'NSync 2,415,859
2 CELEBRITY 'NSync 1,879,955
3 THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP Eminem 1,760,049
4 BLACK AND BLUE Backstreet Boys 1,591,191
5 OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN Britney Spears 1,319,193

How fitting that the last day of JuC Day Week 2010 should coincide with this historic event. Hooray! To celebrate, I've included one of my favorite NSYNC videos behind the jump, one I love most for the choreography. The store bit is very cute, with the boys done up as their marionettes, but I'd love to have gotten a pure performance video as well. The color, cinematography, and art direction! The dancing! The LEAN! A bit o' Googling says that Darrin Henson was responsible for those iconic moves. MUCH, MUCH LOVE. Share my choreography lurve! Cleek it! )

JuC-centric post to come. :-)
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JuC Day Weekend 2010, day the last, part two!

JuC Day means new JuC fic!

Actually, this is new only in the sense that no one has ever read it. I wrote this ages and ages ago. Like most of my unfinished fic, it was meant to be longer, but it can stand on its own. I'm pleased to offer it as it is since I know the story I'd intended will never be finished. :-) Cleaned up a bit, but unbeta'd. This is the actual working title it's had since I transferred it to my writing journal; after a bit of thought I decided it would stand. :-)

FIC: The One with Gorgeous Ed. )


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