Mar. 19th, 2010

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You know what? I decided one year that I wouldn't just have a birthday, I'd have a birthweek, and I celebrated all week long. It was one of my most fun birthdays ever. In that spirit, I have decreed that JuC Day won't last just a day, but the entire weekend here in Fox's LJ o' NSYNC Lurve and Madness. Hooray!

I saw this vid clip AGES ago, back when I first became a fan. I found it on Youtube recently, and it's as cute and funny now as it was then. They were so incredibly dorkalicious. How could you not love them? This happened behind the scenes at some photo shoot, no idea now which one. So. Cute.

Welcome to JuC Day Weekend 2010! :-)
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Day Two of JuC Day Weekend! The following clip is from the making of "What's Going On" (9/11). JC's in the booth and Justin's...producing? After JC leaves the sound booth and joins Justin in the control room, cuteness ensues. :-) How lovely is JC, with his curls, slight facial scruff and buff-ass arms? Oh, JC. Lurve, baby, lurve.

Bonus JC footage after the jump: The Chasez shooting his portion of the video, where he's removing the wrappings from his eyes (see icon). Confused? Just watch and enjoy... )


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