Mar. 14th, 2010

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I've been a major slug about posting the last couple of weeks. Work's been weird, just, those kind of weeks where on Friday all you want to do is pop your brain out and not think. ;-p Aiiiii! I've been cruising my friend's page and making the odd comment here and there, but overall, not so much with the posting.

Hooray! It's actually going to be spring soon! The transition from winter to spring is less graceful than the one from summer to fall to winter... I know why the cats zoom from room to room looking wild-eyed with their tails twitching, 'cause that's the way I feel, in a FAR less energetic way. There's something in the air, you feel it coming, but it still looks all grey and blah outside and icky. Spring! I'm looking forward to the greening of my world, Mother Nature. I trust you'll be getting on that soon, yes? Yes.

Hooray! I love driving the new vehicle without snow or ice on the ground. Being my first SUV-ish type vehicle, I was a little nervous about it. But all the reports I read online are true, it *does* handle like a car. Fabulous! I love it with the fury of a thousand burning suns. If Hubs crashes this one, I'll have to seriously do something painful to his body.

Also! I've lived through ujournal, deadjournal, greatestjournal and...something else (edited to add: insane journal), but I see more and more people from dreamwidth. I am musing about this.

Went out for happy hour with my friends Friday (mistyped at first as "happier hour" HAHAHAHAHA!), and drank a bit too much. A fuzzy Navel (mmmmmmmmmmm), followed by margaritas a-plenty, followed by Cosmos. Luckily, hubsmonkey is a trouper (WHEN HE'S NOT CRASHING MY VEHICLES) and came to pick me up. I thought about jumping online when I got home but I was surprised to see that it was 11:30 p.m. so sensibility won out and I went to bed instead. I was a good girl and had four aspirin with some water before bed, and woke up hangover free the next morning. Hooray! Oooh, I forgot to add wine to the list of beverages above. If anyone should have been a hurting puppy the next day, it was I. But I didn't suffer at all! I drank some ice water while guzzling alcohol too, so that probably helped. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the first of my yearly drinking sprees (edited to add: I usually drink about two times a year). I had fun with my friends. :-)

Nothing else interesting happening. I feel fannish today but I don't know yet what I want to do. Hmmmm.

Also, I hate the time change. ;-p I think I shall swap out Robot Snowman with Flowers for a more seasonal icon. If I have one. ::thinks::
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Yes, tell me something I don't know, Mr. MTV-reviewer-dude.

Found this a few days ago, putting it here in my journal where I'll have it for always.

Justin Timberlake Contemplates The Meaning Of Celebrity In 'Popology', Posted 3/10/10 2:15 pm ET by Kyle Anderson in Music (at

The JC-specific bits:

JC Chasez's lead take on "The Game Is Over" is pretty remarkable. He is aided by a plethora of "Galaga"-era arcade sound effects, which makes the track sound simultaneously futuristic and old school.

JC Chasez (who really should have become a bigger star) released the profoundly underrated album Schizophrenic in 2004 (it has two of the strangest and best singles of the past decade in "Some Girls (Dance With Women)" and "All Day Long I Dream About Sex").

Entire article behind the cut... )

I have my peeves with the article but the dude did say nice things about JC, so I won't complain. :-)



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