Feb. 20th, 2010

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Trying to decide what to have for breakfast. Oatmeal with raisins or Toaster Struedel? Hmmmmm.

In other news, I have about 48 million hours of Olympics coverage DVR'd, and I'm slowly making my way through. Shaun White remains my winter Olympics boyfriend. He is seriously the sweetest thing out there! Loved the way he said that he was trying to keep the tears at bay, but he hadn't seen his parents yet and would probably lose it when he saw them (paraphrasing like a madwoman). What a doll! He's not ashamed of his manly tears! Love that kid.

In other other news, watching the Olympics and listening to my new CDs prove to be incompatible activities. ;-p And why am I thinking that Ten Sheckel Shirt was mentioned by someone on my friends list? It was only a dollar and seemed maddeningly familiar, that's why I bought it. Sometime today I'll pop it in and see what my dollar got me.

In even more other news (I know, can you believe it!?), I'm working on my faux TV show, being probably a bit more invested in casting, etc. than I should for a faux TV show. But that's the lovely thing about fandom in its many forms, isn't it, that lovely fizz and pop that sets off in your brain when you're feeling uber creative? Mmmmmmmm, poppy fizzy brain...


foxmonkey: Robot Snowman with Flowers (Default)


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