Jan. 25th, 2010

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So, my iPod served up Pop today. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Man, the ache of missing them was physical, I kid you not. Fired up YouTube when I got home and I've been watching/listening to it pretty steadily as I've surfed.

I'm crying with love for these guys.

Chris: How cute was he as a DJ? I especially love it when he does that full swipe thing and bends over the turntable kind of sideways. I'm completely not making sense, so watch for yourself at 2:04. Chrissofer!

Lance: Other than looking completely hot, Lance doesn't do a whole lot in this one. But! Gotta give him points for the Lance Dance. Lance with his original equipment, so gorgeous...his nose, get your mind out of the gutter. 1:40

Joey: Poor mangled Joey and his accidentally crushed leg. But! There's a bright side! Instead of dancing, Joey gets to hang wid da ladeez. 1:50 Evil Wade filled in for Joey on the dancing side of things, but Evil Wade will get no links to his faux-Joey booty shaking.

Justin: He's becoming a man, but there's still a certain soft, young quality to his face just here: 1:52 Collectively, I *love* their Pop outfits.

JC!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, JC. This breaks my heart because I love you so. This to me was the height of his gorgeousness with NSync. "NSYNC's dark-haired beauty." Can't remember the reviewer who wrote that, but it's oh, so true. Ah! Here 'tis. ::le sigh:: *Love* JC's outfit. Love the hair, love the chin strip. Love JC sauntering down the Tunnel O' Sex, getting felt up 'cause he's a rock star and that's what they do. 1:22 Love his singing. Love his dancing. Love him.

They broke my heart in seventeen places. Why'd they go away? ::cries::


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