Jan. 23rd, 2010

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Due to a husband-related incident last week, I've been carless. This was the second car of ours that he'd managed to kill, and I was none too happy about it. Luckily, hub's brain is the size of a raisin and his skull is at least five inches thick (with pudding and cookies cushioning everything in between), so he was fine. The hospital kept him for a few days for observation ('cause this was his eleventy millionth brush with head trauma), but he's (mostly) fine. Aiiiiiii! That's the second time I've gotten a call at work to tell me that...wait, the third. Jeebus. The third time I've gotten one of those, "Hello, Mrs. Hubs!monkey? This is AdmittingLady at YourFriendlyHospital..."

Aiii! Too much drama in between. Like, when I called to inform my insurance company about the accident, there was "some concern" with my last payment because it had been made by e-check, and I'm thinking...uh, so? It's not like a paper check where you have to wait a few weeks for everything to go where it needs to go, blahblahblah, am I right? Isn't an e-check immediate, in theory? Also, the fact that I'd paid the premium THREE WEEKS AGO should have made any e-check questions null and void, yes? Yes. BASTAGES. I actually had to fax a copy of my statement showing that the funds had been withdrawn from my account before we could go forward, and I'm getting all het up again just thinking about it. I mean seriously. Three weeks and they still needed proof from me that THEY had withdrawn the funds from my account? OH MY GOD, I NEED TO STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS BEFORE I STAB SOMEONE. Anyway.

So! Our policy provides for a vehicle for up to thirty days while the car is fixed. Went to the impound to retrieve the cell phone and the registration and sign the paperwork to release the vehicle so the insurance guys could tow it to the auto body shop. Little did I know that the impound lot covers about THREE friggin' zip codes, and you have to walk back to your vehicle, and they don't have a courtesy car to take you to the back 40 to get there. HOLY LAWD, the drama. Saw the car and knew pretty much immediately that it was a lost cause. Even if they'd fixed the thing (HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) there's no way I'd have trusted it more than possibly pulling it out of the garage for a quick spin down to the corner store.

When they called to tell me that it had been totaled I wasn't the least bit surprised. They redeemed themselves for the MASSIVE PAYMENT FAIL by giving me a surprising bit more for the car than I'd expected, and giving me a check that day. Woohoo! I'm suddenly in love with my insurance company, even if they are all bastages!

I figured that two cars killed is more than enough, and there's no way that I'll ever buy a new car again, not as long as I'm married to hubs!monkey. There's a car lot nearby that's been in operation for about 25 years, and they're BBB accredited, or whatever you call it. Went online and checked out their inventory. I saw this little thing and fell immediately in love. :-)


The one in the little pics is mine, the wikimedia folks very kindly provide a bigger picture.

2004 Honda CR-V, satin silver metallic finish. Squee! Went to see it in the rain Thursday, but didn't test drive. Drove up to the lot this afternoon and someone was looking at it! Aiiiiii! By this time I'd pretty much been thinking of it as mine, so I was just a little distressed to say the least. Hung about trying not to look too interested while the couple checked it out and examined it inside and out and sat in it and stuff. When they finally walked off to another part of the lot I wandered over very casually and staked my claim. :-) Took it for a test drive and fell even further in love. Whipped out my checkbook, and now it's mine! It's in my garage!!!

It's a bit bigger than my old car, which was a regular 4 door, and of course it has a higher profile, being an SUV and all. It's going to take a little getting used to I think, but I so love it. :-D


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