Jan. 16th, 2010

foxmonkey: (zen fen)
It's a three-day weekend for me (whee!), the perfect time to pose a question to my friends list and any interested passers-by.

At the time I took my extended break, people were drifting away from popslash. Lots of fen wound up in bandslash, and Supernatural was really gathering steam -- though it may have seemed that way 'cause I had just discovered it :-D. While I was away I watched a lot of shows I hadn't before, so this is a perfect time to see what I may or may no longer have in common with my friends list.

Question: So what's everyone into now? What are your primary fandoms? Secondary? What fandoms do you only read in, what fandoms have inspired you to write?

Since I've wanted to do this for forever but just thinking of it made me tired, I offer my fandom timeline so you can see not just what I'm into, but where I've been. Long, so I don't blame you if you skip it.

down Fox's rabbit hole...so to speak. )


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