Jan. 4th, 2010

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If you haven't checked out the Google doodle honoring Sir Isaac Newton's birthday, you should. This is definitely one of their best! I glanced away at a crucial moment the first time I loaded it up, so keep that in mind. :-) As an avid fan of Google's doodles, I was pretty geeked out when I saw it.

And! Man, I leave for a few months (hahahahahaha, eighteen maybe, but who's counting), and Rupert Grint goes and gets himself all growed up. The best part? Even though my handbasket's all polished up and ready for the inevitable road trip to hell, I won't need it. I don't have to feel like a perv anymore! He's 21...whee!!! He has two indie movies set for 2010 release, Cherrybomb and Wild Target. While I'm very much anticipating both, I can't wait to see him in Cherrybomb. What a puuuuuuuuuurty young man he is. Hey, I'm not made of stone, people. Said one reviewer of Ron Weasley: "[he] has become a muscular, appealing man child, who is catnip to the ladies." purrrrrrrrr.


foxmonkey: Robot Snowman with Flowers (Default)


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